An afternoon with…

April 5th, 2011


I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the company of MONOKROME contributor REMI/ROUGH. We chatted about all kinds of things and by the end of our session, we’d pretty much solved all the problems of the known world.

The biggest treat whenever me and Rem get together is a voyage through his recent work, professional jobs and his sketchbooks. We spent quite some time going through his shelves, fetching down battered blackbooks full of pure gold. We’ll be printing plenty of his work in the MONOKROME book, but to whet your appetite, here’s a selection of pics to excite and inspire you 100 bonus on deposit forex.


We make high quality, limited edition graffiti books full of world class writers and art so fresh it’ll scorch your retinas.

Robert Whitelock

Publishing Director

Having trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and been involved in the graffiti scene for over 20 years, Robert has somewhat eclectic credentials. He has worked as a media professional in films, theatre, television, radio and print media journalism, and has now added publishing to the rapidly growing list.

His role at MONOKROME involves conceptual genesis engineering, radical personnel motivation and being tight with money. MONOKROME was his idea and he never lets anyone forget it.

Most likely to say: “The unit cost is still too high”
Least likely to say: “We’re ahead of schedule, take a two day holiday”

Aaron Munday

Creative Director

As Creative Director, it’s Aaron’s job not to forget that the whole look of the project relies on him, because, frankly, the other two can’t be trusted when it comes to design. Having trained under the legendary Vaughan Oliver, he has gone on to design for Stylorouge design house and formed his own company 12 Orchards in 2011. His role at MONOKROME involves acting as therapist to Rob after logistical breakdowns, conjuring mouth-watering layouts, weaving a colourful alchemy throughout the design and dreaming up expensive new ways to bankrupt the company.

Most likely to say: “Everything’s going to be ok…”
Least likely to say: “That deadline is ridiculous 100 deposit bonus forex!”

Sherles Salter

Sub editor and proof reader

As Rob generously puts it “If there’s a typo or some bad grammar, blame Sherles.” Sherles Salter studied a BSc in Psychology at Staffordshire, before realising that it clashed with his love of dance music and inebriation, and promptly left.

He divides his time between writing and designing his bespoke greetings cards and exploring his own hippocampus with the aid of pharmaceuticals. His role at MONOKROME finds him seeking out errant punctuation, correcting Rob’s colourful but inappropriate additions to grammatical structure, and wrestling with the notion of the vernacular.

Most likely to say: “If you don’t edit that I’m not putting my name to it”
Least likely to say: “We need more semi-colons…”

Julian Kemp

Executive in Charge of Tea

With a GCSE in woodwork and a criminal record, Julian was the obvious choice for the MONOKROME graduate scheme. Since joining, he has shown high proficiency in all forms of tea making, from Early Grey via Lap Sang Sou Chong and upto and including all herbal profusions (except liquorice, which he claims he is allergic to.) His role at MONOKROME has recently been augmented and he now not only presides over beverage making of all descriptions, but is also the Project Manager responsible for biscuits and snack-based foodstuffs. It’s hard to imagine the smooth running of MONOKROME without him.

Most likely to say: “How many sugars?”
Least likely to say: “I’m coming in early tomorrow” 100% deposit bonus forex







Lost Colours and Alibis

April 5th, 2011


REMI’s book ‘Lost Colours and Alibis’ is available direct from

Lost colours 01

Lost colours 02

Lost colours 01

Featured artists (Setik)

April 3rd, 2011


MONOKROME contributor SETIK throws some paint on the wall…


March 20th, 2011


Here at MONOKROME we are proud to present the list of contributing artists in our upcoming book (to be released Spring 2011.) Our apologies to anyone who didn’t make it in- we thank you for submitting your work, but we had finite room and hundreds of contributions from all around the globe. The standard is very high and we think you’re going to love MONOKROME…


February 14th, 2011


Monokrome invites you to rework our logo in any way you see fit (as long as some of it is still there). The best designs will be featured on the website, printed on t-shirts, or may even be used in, or on the cover of future Monokrome publications.

Everything you need to get going can be found in the ‘downloads’ section.

Monokrome by Cute

Monokrome by 12 Orchards

Featured Artists (Itch)

January 23rd, 2011


MONOKROME contributor ITCH in action at the Melbourne SECRET WARS competition.

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